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February 11, 2013
Game plot defined in broad lines. The game will be linked to the first two games of the trilogy but it can be played without necessarily knowing the previous two games.   

April 28, 2013
The development of the game is started!

July 21, 2013
Already 1000 photos have been assembled. The sites of Amalfi and Naples Parco Virgiliano have been completed. All Log Art scenes have been shot to be assembled soon.

August 23, 2013
The game dialogs as well as the plot is 95% completed. The link with the previuos two games of the trilogy is now tighter. For people knowing A Quiet Weekend in Capri and Anacapri the Dream the game should taste of a special flavour. For others, it will be an invitation to understand the background.

September 12, 2013
The game dialogs and the plot is now completed and finalized.

October 1, 2013
Following locations have been included in the game so far: Anacapri, Naples (Parco Virgiliano), Naples (Castel dell'Ovo), Naples (House of Mariolina Angelone), Amalfi, Procida. All shots of these locations have been completed.

October 7, 2013
Donna Ovist came from Arizona to the Amalfi coast to help shooting pictures of Pogerola, Positano and Monte Pertuso. Donna shot the photos of the Damecuta Tunnel in Anacapri the Dream.

October 13, 2013
Assembly of the first 6 locations of the game, included Procida, has been completed in Italian. Localization in English will be done after completion of development of the game in Italian. Only a dozen of pics at castel dell'Ovo are missing. After, it would be possible to play about 50% of the whole game.

November 15, 2013
Castel dell'Ovo has been completed. Pics of Positano have been shot and partially assembled. Waiting for completion of Almartino's pics in Capri and for the definition of the last location of the game to complete all pics. The locations where the action of the game is, except the last one to be confirmed, are now frozen. The chapter of the game already completed are marked with an X.

- Anacapri X
- Parco Virgiliano (Naples) X
- Castel dell'Ovo (Naples) X
- House of Mariolina Angelone (Naples) X
- Procida X
- Amalfi X
- Pogerola
- Damecuta, Punta Carena, Monte Solaro, Blue Grotto, Marina Piccola (Capri)   
- Positano
- Rotonda Diaz, Villa Comunale (Naples)
- Museo del Sottosuolo (Naples)

95% of the characters of the game are now defined. More than 60% of them are interpreting themselves in what they do in their real life. As matter of fact, the plot of the game is built around people in their real life and not vice versa. For example, Paola De Vito, professor of Math at the University of Naples, interprets Paola De Vito as professor of Math in the game. This feature is unique and peculiar of all games of the Capri saga.

January 4, 2014
Happy New Year to our fans and followers!
The game is proceeding very well. Italian text has been finalized and the translation in English is started. Here is the updated status of the 11 episodes with the percentage of completion.
The numbers following the percentage show how many times the player will need to go in that site to complete the game and how many puzzles have to be solved there. All puzzles are nicely well integrated into the plot of the game.

- Anacapri 100% - 2, 0
- Parco Virgiliano (Naples) 100% - 2, 0
- Castel dell'Ovo (Naples) 100% - 1, 2
- House of Mariolina Angelone (Naples) 100% - 4, 0
- Procida (4 locations) 100% - 1, 1
- Amalfi 100% - 1, 2
- Pogerola 100% - 1, 1
- Capri (5 locations)  70% - 1, 1
- Positano 100% - 2, 1
- Rotonda Diaz, Villa Comunale (Naples) 100% - 1, 1
- Museo del Sottosuolo (Naples) 10% - 1, 1

Marketing and distribution strategy is under analysis. The forecast is to complete the game by next May.

February 2, 2014
The Italian version has been completed! All pics, voice and music is at its place.The localization in English is starting now. There are 24 voices to be recorded for corresponding 24 speaking characters in the game. If someone is willing to participate to the English voice over program, just write me and I will send you detailed instructions on what to do.
Maybe this game is the best of the trilogy!

February 16, 2014
A supplement of pictures have been shot to improve the episode in Villa Comunale, Naples. Localization in English is going well with the help of friends all over the world, correcting the text and dubbing. 50% of voiceover is completed as of today. Help wanted! Anyone willing to participate actively to the game with his/her voice, is welcome. Just contact us.

February 28, 2014
We decided to extend the game set of the Episode of Rotonda Diaz/Villa Comunale (Naples) to the Naples Aquarium - one of the oldest aquariums in Europe - belonging to Zoological Station Anton Dohrn. An additional quiz and two characters will be added. New pictures will be shot early March. The two new characters are real people interpreting themselves.
March 1, 2014
A special thank is due to the Peoria High School Drama Dept. and to Donna Wright Ovist for recording the voices of 7 kids. There is still some sentence to be fine-tuned next week, but the voices of 7 students are in the game now!

March 22, 2014
The Aquarium episode has been completed. The aquarium was entirily rebuilt graphically because pictures were shot during internal work in progress. Special tkanks are due to the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station of Naples and particularly to Sandra Hochscheid, the marine byologist interpreting herself and showing the beauties of this 19th century aquarium. Except some fine-tuning of few English voiceover, the game can be considered completed today, almost one year after the development start. Following the peculiarity of previous games of the trilogy, there are 17 out of 30 characters interpreting themselves so that the plot has been tailored around them and not vice versa. This is a unique features of the games produced by of S-G Software.

April 17, 2014  
We are exploring the techniques for digital delivery of the game. We are adding sea animations. The game is close to beta test and to walkthrough writing.

April 30, 2014
Beta test has been completed in English. The first draft of the walkthrough has been written by Marita Robinson of Gamebomers. Sea animations have been added where needed. We are now in negotiation with publishers analyzing distribution strategy. In the mean time, we are making last sanity checks for Window 8 compatibility and other minor issues. The game has taken exactly one year of hard work from the start of the development to the end.  

May 13, 2014  
We are very close to Gold Master. The game will be published in June, in both downloadable digital delivery format and in Collector's Edition format, limited to 100 copies, handcrafted, numbered and signed by the author. Formal press announcement will come in June.

June 24, 2014
The development of the game is completed. Press announcement prepared. The game will come in 4 language options: English, Italiano, Italian with English subtitles, Italian with French subtitles.

June 25, 2014
Press release published. First order is already in!

June 30, 2014
Gold master released.

July 2, 2014
First Collector's edition copies shipped today.

August 12, 2014
Russian Localization completed. The game will come now in 5 language options: English, Italian, Italian with English subtitles, Italian with French subtitles and Italian with Russian subtitles. Minor corrections implemented in the new release.

October 24, 2014
Adventure Productions released the game in boxed version.

February 28, 2015
The game is well out there since 8 months. The players like it!!!

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