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Smooth download



After your order, an e-mail will be sent to your attention
with detailed instructions for download.
Please download the files one by one.

The downloaded files will end up
in the DOWNLOADS folder in your computer.

After download, check that
the size of the files in KB is as shown:


THE CAPRI CONNECTION                     761,515 KB                     761,515 KB                     134,139 KB
InstallCapriConnection.msi  1,536 KB

Example of full filename path:

A QUIET WEEKEND IN CAPRI              761,515 KB              761,515 KB              572,077 KB
InstallCapri.msi          1,431 KB

Example of full filename path:

ANACAPRI THE DREAM              693,248 KB              693,248 KB              693,248 KB              693,248 KB              693,248 KB              693,248 KB              530,073 KB
InstallAnacapri1D.msi  2,376 KB

Example of full filename path:

Once the installation is completed
you must remove the downloaded files from the DOWNLOADS folder
either deleting or saving them in another folder

In case of problems:

- Clean the DOWNLOADS folder deleting all file corrupted
or partially downloaded before any new attempt to a new download

- Open Internet Explorer

- Click on the little gear top right of the screen
- Internet Options
- Security
- Trusted sites
- Sites
- Uncheck Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone
- type: and press enter
- Add
- Close
- OK
- Now download your files one at a time

- At the question
     Do you want to open or save this file
click on SAVE to start download
- If there is any interruption, click on RESUME

- At the end of the download, ckeck the size of the file is as expected
- In case the size is lower, delete that file and download it again
- Repeat the above for all files to download
- In case a warning appears

    <filename> is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer
ignore the warning and continue

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