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The Trilogy



The Capri Saga trilogy of first-person adventure games is made by three games.

- A Quiet weekend in Capri
 - Anacapri the Dream
 - The Capri Connection

    The three plots are independent, although there are close links among the three games. The common background is based upon recent cosmological theories.
    As per computer models and last experimental results, we know that our Universe was born 13.7 billions years ago from a big bang. All the matter was condensed in a space more or less big as a soccer ball. In a fraction of a second a huge inflation – still continuing nowadays but slowly – has brought the Universe to actual size. Matter cooled down and aggregated in clusters of galaxies, galaxies, stars, planets, live entities such as us, intelligent people trying to provide an answer to questions about the Universe itself.

    The Universe is characterized by physical constants, such as the charge of the electron and the Plank constant. All these constants are summarized in an overall constant named Fine-structure Constant. We exist because the Fine-structure Constant has a given precise value. If this value was slightly different, atoms could not aggregate then we would not have molecules and human beings.  

How comes our Universe can host the life? It can't be an incredibly unique fortunate case. It is more reasonable to think that there are many – even infinite – Universes each with his own Fine-structure Constant. We cannot communicate with these Universes lying in others spaces, nor we can look at them. In most of them there is no life as the Fine-structure Constant doesn’t allow it. But maybe there are few Parallel Universes where the Fine-structure Constant is not too different from ours thus allowing matter and life.

   Another scientific theory in the background of the trilogy is the Chaos theory. The Universe is casual at microscopic level, while at macroscopic level a given cause generates a well determined effect because of the laws of statistics. However, a small variation may determine a huge effect elsewhere. This is called Butterfly Effect, summarized in the sentence: "A flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil may set off a tornado in Texas".
    Now let’s introduce a bit of science-fiction. There are two Parallel Universes. Universe 1, our Universe, and Universe 3, a Parallel Universe quite similar to ours with small but important differences. Each person in Universe 1 has a corresponding person in Universe 3. In Universe 3 there is a famous international scientist living in Capri, prof. Costanzo Gravitiello, who found the way to communicate with Universe 1 using inter-dimensional cell phones. He invented also other esoteric equipment such as the Time Machine to bring back in time all Parallel Universes together. Gennaro Gravitiello, his corresponding in Universe 1, likes to play with Parallel Universes too.

A Quiet Weekend a Capri, the player in Universe 1 (ours) is in the shoes of a tourist visiting Capri the first time. He has a ticket for a boat leading to Capri, a reservation for two days at the Quisisana Hotel, a credit card and few euros. He takes the boat, arrives to Capri, takes a taxi and asks in Piazzetta where the hotel is. When he is close to the hotel, prof. Gennaro Gravitiello makes an experiment on Parallel Universes.
     The experiment turns out badly and a Space - Time rip opens. The mind of the tourist is cast into the body of a shop boy in Universe 3 and the tourist – hence the player – is facing now a completely different situation. In Parallel Universe 3 the island of Capri is divided by two nations. The Kingdom of Capri, ruled by King Caprillo the Fifth, and the Republic of Anacapri.  A war is taking place between the two countries. The Hotel is closed.
    The tourist needs to understand what happened to find, in his new identity, his way to come back into Universe 1. His goal is to spend his longed for quiet weekend in Capri. Gennaro Gravitiello helps him giving important information calling from Universe 1 with an inter-dimensional cell phone. The solution is to use the Time Machine programmed to come back into Universe 1 at the moment to take the boat to Capri. Mata Haprik, spy of the Republic of Anacapri, tries to steal the Time Machine with no success.
    The tourist succeeds  to come back in time. Once in Piazzetta the second time, he makes a turn in an alley bumping into Gennaro Gravitiello while he is going to make his experiment. This little change, according to the Chaos theory, changes the course of events so that Gennaro no longer makes his experiment and the tourist spends – finally – his weekend in Capri.   
     At the end of the game the marriage of the King with Mata Haprik is announced as well as the merge of the Republic of Anacapri into the Kingdom of Capri.  

     Anacapri the Dream
develops entirely in Universe 1. Nico Fredi, the protagonist, is a young neuro-scientist still in love with his former school mate Mirta, although she gets married with Adriano, an entrepreneur who finances Nico's research.
    Nico is tormented by his love for Mirta and the need of being funded. He is close to an important discovery, a potion that would provide the user with extraordinary but dangerous power. He is almost fallen into a nervous breakdown as he asks for help to a psychologist, one of his friends. She suggests him a therapy including sleep and dream.
     The dream is induced by a Dream Syrup which has a collateral but necessary effect – the loss of the memory. The discovery of the potion is symbolized in the dream by a powerful but dangerous Obsidian Disk. Nico can wake up and dream at will. In the dream, Nico becomes Dr. N, a famous archaeologist looking for the Obsidian Disk. After many dreams and wake up, Nico recovers his memory and also finds a solution to his dilemma.
       During the dream, some people hamper him while some help him. Lieutenant Nelson, the ghost of an English soldier who fought in the battle for the take of Capri by the French in 1808, gets Nico out of a dreadful trap. As soon as Dr. N finds the Obsidian Disk, he destroys it. In the reality, Nico doesn’t deliver the formula of his potion to Adriano, thus somewhat recovering his relationship with Mirta, who appreciates his decision.

    In The Capri Connection the protagonist is again Nico Fredi in Universe 1. But this time is Costanzo Gravitiello in Universe 3 to play carelessly with Parallel Universes. After a bad experiment, again a Space - Time rip is created, this time quite huge.
    The minds of thousands of people randomly selected are cast into the bodies of more or less corresponding people in Universe 3. Among them, also the mind of Nico Fredi is casted into the body of Nick Freuds.
      The whole game, except the prologue and the ending, develops in Universe 3. Gennaro Gravitiello quickly calls Nico – now in the shoes of Nick – with an inter-dimensional cell phone from Universe 1 asking him to help close the dangerous Space -Time rip.
   Large objects are also swapped between Universes 1 and 3 or disappear into nowhere. Not only real people are affected but also characters from the past, from novels and dreams. Nick starts to search for Costanzo Gravitiello, who is looking for solving the problem.
     During his journey, Nick meets characters with no interest in restore the old situation, such as Mata Haprik – now divorced from King Caprillo the Fifth – but also an old friend helping him again, such as Lieutenant Nelson. Again, the solution will come from the Chaos theory.  
The following table shows the characters hit by the mind swap in Universes 1 and 3.

Parallel Universe 1 (ours)                       Parallel Universe 3
The mind of                 is transferred      into the body of

Tourist.................................................Rafele, the shopboy
Wise and gentle person.........................King Caprillo the Fifth
Efficient person in the record industry.....Poor person in the record industry
Nico Fredi............................................Nick Freuds
Rembrandt (from past).........................Customer in the Art Shop
Napoleon (from past)............................Napoleon in civilian dress
Diana (from a novel).............................Diana
Arion Gavino (from a novel)...................Arion Gavino
Donna Ovist.........................................Donya Ovist
Nelson (from a dream)..........................Nelson in civilian dress
Almartino.............................................Al Martino
Cumaean Sybil (from past).....................Talking Statue of Cumaean Sybil

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